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Kitz, William, Ph.D.

Associate Director

Doctor of Philosophy  University of Wisconsin Madison

Telephone: (920) 424-1033
Office: Nursing Education 027

Areas of Expertise:

  • Direct Instruction Strategies
  • Adult with Learning Disabilities/Dyslexia

    Brief Bio:

    As and elementary teacher in the Beloit schools at about the time special education placement for children with LD was just beginning, I became very interested in children with at least average intelligence, but who failed to read in a timely manner. That interest led me to UW Oshkosh, where I began working with Project Success. From 1985-1989, I studied under Dr. Sara Tarver at Madison and learned more about effective teaching methods for students with LD. In addition, I learned multisensory phonics methods from Dr. Robert Nash, founder of the Project Success program. Through working with Project Success students and my scholarly research, I gained much information and skill in working with this population.

    My research interests center on adults with reading disabilities. I have published research-based articles on effective reading and math interventions with this population. I continued to do some research in this area, but directorship of the Project Success program has left me with less time for research than I would like. I have however submitted two articles recently, one on predictors of success for incoming college students with reading disabilities and another on the transition needs of college students going into the world of work.

    Kitz, William DPI Licensure

    Date of First Employment at UW Oshkosh: January 1984
    Years of P-12 Experience: 8 Years, Beloit Public Schools

    Classes Typically Taught:

    • Direct Instructions Strategies
    • Multisensory Reading and Spelling


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