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European Business Travel Seminar

Join UW Oshkosh professors Dr. Barb Rau and Dr. Alexander Kovzik as you visit international businesses and government institutions and experience a variety of cultures in multiple cities and countries!

  • LEARN about cross-cultural differences in economic policy and management techniques.

  • REFLECT on individual cultural adaptability.

  • GAIN a better understanding of your ability to work in a global economy.

  • DEVELOP your cultural adaptation skills.

  • EXPERIENCE using three different currencies, languages, and cultures.

  • EXPLORE famous historic cities.

The objective of The European Business Travel seminar is to provide maximum exposure of students to various businesses and cultural experiences. It includes visits to 4 countries in Central Europe: Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and France. Students will learn about cross-cultural differences in economic policy and management techniques through classroom instruction and visits to a variety of businesses and government institutions. In addition, they will complete self-assessments measuring their individual culture adaptivity to gain a better understanding of their ability to work in a global economy. As part of this course experiences, students will have the opportunity to develop their cultural adaptation skills by exploring famous historic cities, deal with three different currencies, languages, and cultures.

Courses: BUSINESS 494 or 694

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I am so thankful I attended this business study tour because it really opened my eyes to how international business really works. We learn all about it in classes and how globalized our world is becoming, but there is only so much you can grasp by sitting in a classroom and learning about it through lectures. By actually traveling abroad and learning about the business aspects of a different country, I can really understand how it all works.

– Lindsay Mahlberg, 2007 undergraduate participant

As a graduate student, I was a bit hesitant to sign up for the European Business seminar. Would dedicating ten days of vacation time taking a class really be worthwhile? As it turned out, the European study trip was more than "just a class" it was the experience of a lifetime. Our visits to the cities of Munich and Prague provided a glimpse of doing business in a global environment. Oh, we saw the normal tourist attractions, but our tour guides also gave us a chance to experience European culture outside the normal tourist scene. Try getting that from your next Apple vacation! The European study tour provided the perfect end to my graduate experience.

– Matthew Diker, 2007 graduate participant