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Nicholas Hermus, Inside Sales/Purchasing Agent at Consolidated Electrical Distributors

Obtaining My Internship

I began looking for a Supply Chain Management internship in the winter and spring of 2012-2013 to make sure I had plenty of time to find a suitable one before the requirement would come upon me. After discussing my field of study with a graduate student I had known previously, it was mentioned that an opportunity had opened up at Consolidated Electrical Distributors in Appleton and that the company was looking to integrate an internship program for the first time. I then contacted the site manager and provided him with a resume along with a cover letter and it wasn’t long until I received an interview and was eventually presented with an offer that I gratefully accepted. 

Challenges I have had to overcome at my internship

After accepting the position of inside sales/purchasing agent at Consolidated Electrical Distributors it was apparent that I was going to have to learn a great deal about the electrical field and the parts associated with it. Having no prior background to any electrical program prior to this internship, it was very challenging deciding what levels of inventory to stock and the reasoning behind it. Through hours of practice and research through both the internet and asking customers and employees about different parts throughout the field, I was able to gain a basic background of knowledge I could apply to my work. To this point I am nowhere close to mastering the area of information but I have a much better foothold on the awareness than I did 6 months prior going into the program. The struggle of not knowing the information is much less, but with practice it gets better and better every day as I become more versatile throughout the positions at CED. 


Due to the fact that we are a rather small company of only 7 employees at our location I have a great deal of responsibilities that I am expected to carry out on a daily basis. The most important would be discussing with a small team how inventory levels are stocked and which parts have the highest demand to get purchased at that point in time. I also have a crucial role in the inside sales position at  my company answering phone calls from customers that are placing orders that I then have to organize, type, print, and send to the warehouse to get picked and set for delivery or pick up. Any flaw in these duties results in a higher workload for one of my coworkers or an upset customer that might not receive their parts at the designated time, so I take great pride in the effort put forth each and every day.