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Nathan Kowalczyk, Customer Inventory Analyst Co-Op, Kimberly Clark

Nathan Kowalczyk


In the process of acquiring an internship an opportunity with Kimberly-Clark Corporation presented itself. The CO-OP was a six month position in Customer Supply Chain Solutions. Being a Marketing Major I was slightly hesitant to step into a Supply Chain role. After reflection on my decision to take the position I could not be happier. Working within a fortune 500 company opened my eyes to corporate America. Kimberly Clark does an extraordinary job of developing their employee’s talent, enabling their power, and driving first class results. The level of professionalism in KC is unparalleled.

Job details

Customer Supply Chain Solutions, CSCS as it is more commonly known, is divided into teams. These teams are delegated by customer’s example, Walmart, Drug Dollar Target, Costco, and so on. I belong to the Drug Dollar Target team and more specifically Target. Coming into this position my expectations were shaky to say the least. The first few weeks on the Job were tasking and at times overwhelming. There were new processes, responsibilities, concepts, and so much more I needed to learn quickly. I was faced with an unusual position for a CO-OP. To my knowledge most of the CO-OP’s that work for Kimberly Clark focus on project work. I was faced with the task of replacing a woman going on maternity leave. This added a palpable sense of urgency in my training. In the back of my mind I knew she could leave at any point and from there it would be up to me to fill her shoes. My inventory analyst position provided me with a new thought process. Most of the time when problem solving an issue I ended up with more questions than answers. Eventually I used my training and new found knowledge of Lean Principles to identify the core issues, create counter measures, and drive results. Slightly over a month into my CO-OP my trainer left on maternity leave. Presented with the opportunity to sink or swim I chose to swim. I applied all of my new found learnings and transitioned her absence as smoothly as possible. Kimberly Clark has done an exceptional job helping me enable my power. Being one of a four person team, it is gratifying knowing you are the foundation of their business through Target. I have taken away four valuable skills from this CO-OP, time management, stress management, critical thinking, and continuous improvement.


Kimberly Clark is an environment I see myself a part of in my professional career. Although my current position is in supply chain KC works well with their employees to find positions within the company they wish to peruse. It is standard practice within Kimberly Clark that an employee switch positions around the 18 month mark. This would allow me the best opportunity to diversify and expand my knowledge. Through this CO-OP I have seen a pronounced improvement in my confidence, professional skills, and overall knowledge of corporate America. I thoroughly enjoyed working with my team and would highly recommend Kimberly Clark to anyone looking for employment.