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Erik Peterson, Mechanical Desk Co-op, Mercury Marine

Obtaining My Internship

 When I first applied to the college of business I was required to attend dining with professionals. During this event I was placed with Brian Quella, a buyer at Mercury Marine. We discussed the co-op opportunities Mercury offered and the requirements for the job. Two years later I had completed the requirements and spoke with Brian again at the career fair. Two weeks later I had an offer from Mercury to be their next Mechanical desk co-op.

 My First Three Weeks

 Coming into my co-op I was very nervous because I was unsure of the work I was going to be doing. When I arrived, the previous co-op intern trained me on all the tasks I was going to acquire when he left. All the information I was provided was very overwhelming and hard to retain if it wasn’t mentioned more than once. After about three weeks of training I felt comfortable working on my own with the daily tasks I was to achieve. After about three months I was able to learn to use Mercury’s ERP systems efficiently, and finish the tasks that I was required to achieve in a day

My Responsibilities

 I am responsible for the materials desk within the purchasing group. I purchase fasteners such as screws, nuts, bolts, and brackets for the direct manufacturing side of the business. This position used to be a full-time global supply chain analyst position but was transferred to provide an opportunity for students to gain real world experience before they graduate. This position also comes with a lot of responsibility to keep the factory supplied with parts so the lines are not shut down and workers are not sent home.

Incorporating My UWO Coursework

The most important class that helped me with my experience at Mercury Marine was Manufacturing Planning and Control. This class was a supply chain based class that taught me about the essentials of a manufacturing business. Every week I have to analyze about 1000 pages of Material Requirements Plans, and if it wasn’t for that class I would have had no idea what I was even analyzing. Advanced Business Composition was also a class that prepared me for this co-op. I learned the correct ways to format business emails as well as structure business presentations.

The Most Important thing I have learned

The most important thing I have learned while working for Mercury is that you need to be confident in what you do to be successful. Confidence comes with experience and experience comes from hard work, mistakes, and determination.