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Ashley Ott, Warehouse Performance Optimization Intern, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Ashley Ott

About me

My name is Ashley Ott and I am a fifth year student at UW Oshkosh. I am double majoring in Supply Chain Management and Accounting. The internship I have is with Kimberly-Clark Corporation in Neenah WI as a Warehouse Performance Optimization team member.

Describe some of your responsibilities and/or projects

The main part of my responsibilities includes collection large portions of data, then organizing and analyzing it. In the start of my internship I traveled with the team to implement a new system at our distribution centers and warehouses. The system helps us track operator productivity and a number of other data collections. Now that the system is implemented, we can take that data and find new opportunities for improvement. My other responsibilities are being an assistant for the WMS team who we work closely with.

What challenges have you had to overcome at your internship?

There have been a couple of challenges I have had to overcome since starting my internship. Mainly getting accustomed to the vast amounts of new information and learning the systems that KC uses. The first two weeks felt extremely overwhelming with the new information and reports that I needed to run but after a short time I became more comfortable. Another challenge I had to overcome was the understanding the culture of the company. This was a challenge that was easily solved as I become more confident in my role.

How has your internship experience impacted your major selection or career path?

I believe one of the great things about having an internship before graduation is to help you determine if you are on the career path that is fit for you. It is very different to learn about a career in school then actually experiencing it. I believe this internship has helped me to confirm that I am on the correct career path and have chosen the major that fits me best. I am getting to use the skills we learn in school and enjoy my job very much.