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Information Systems Internships

Nathaniel Huag, IT Web Application Intern, Oshkosh Corporation


The company that I completed my internship was Oshkosh Corporation which has many locations throughout the country and has locations throughout the world.  I specifically completed my internship mainly in Appleton, Wisconsin.  My supervisor during my internship was Steve Klobucarich who is a Business Analyst for the Web Applications team.


The work that I completed during my internship included Sharepoint development along with a 3rd party resource for designing workflows, Nintex.  The work that I completed included new site creation, requirement gathering, form and workflow development, permission management, and incident support.  Projects that I worked on were specific requests for Sharepoint sites for specific business areas including plant managers, finance departments, and environmental initiatives. 

The projects that I worked on directly correlated towards all of the business core classes and the IS specific courses.  To be able to accurately create a site that fits a department’s needs requires some understanding of their processes.  The ability to understand the finance department’s specific work because of my Essentials of Finance course was very helpful.  The IS classes have been beneficial because of the programming logic that I use daily with Nintex.  Even though Nintex is a visual programming, it still requires the programming logic to design workflows correctly.


Since the beginning of the semester, I have had the opportunity to excel at Sharepoint.  I have had the chance to design a site from the ground up which required setting up permissions and the customization that was required.  I used a custom designed overlay that was designed in house by our team designer.  The permissions were setup in a simplistic way that the end user is able to understand and maintain to reduce the amount of work that is required of our team.

Throughout the semester, I have been using and learning more and more about Nintex and all of its features.  I have designed Nintex forms and workflows that only took a couple of hours to a request that took over three weeks to design and implement.  The use of Nintex allows Sharepoint to be used for workflows and to automate processes that in the past had been paper signatures.

My final goal to enhance my abilities to be a professional are an ever growing and expanding goal.  Through the process of completing requests, I always work on enhancing my abilities to be a professional when I run meetings, attend meetings, and have to sometimes deal with contradicting opinions, views, and requirements.

Future Plans

The experience at Oshkosh Corp has affirmed my desire to finish my degree in IS and pursue a career in Sharepoint, hopefully at Oshkosh Corp.  This being my fourth internship, I plan to stay at Oshkosh Corp in this internship position until I graduate and hopefully get hired on as a full time employee. 

In the future, there are many conferences offered locally and throughout the United States for Sharepoint team members.  The conferences range from beginner use, teaching beginners to use Sharepoint, permissioning, and advanced Sharepoint techniques including server side management.  The beauty of IT is that the learning never stops because of the ever changing technology.


The combination of Computer Science classes and Information Systems classes has helped make me successful so far.  The beginning Computer Science classes has helped with the programming logic required for Nintex design.  Agile Development helped with the fulfillment of requests submitted to the Sharepoint team because I am able to use the development techniques to demonstrate to the customer along the way instead of the customer not seeing the product until it’s finished.  Project Management also has helped with time management and allowing me to plan my time to allot to each project based on need and time table.

Toua Ly, IT Intern, UW Oshkosh College of Busienss

Overviewimage_mini (2).jpg

My name is Toua Ly. I am an Information Systems major and I work for the College of Business at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh as an IT Intern. I am planning on graduating in May 2016. The College of Business here has been around since 1965 and is one of the most respected colleges in the state and Midwest. They offer many advantages to help student establish a career for their future.

How I Obtained the Position

I originally was a computer science major when I first attended UW Oshkosh. After talking to a few computer science professors at the university, they recommended me to apply for the IT internship here at the College of Business. During the Fall of 2013, I applied for the IT intern and fortunately received the position. Working closely with the faculty members and students, I learned a lot about the IS major and it ultimately led me to change my major into Information Systems in the Fall of 2014. This internship continues to help me in my professional career and very thankful for this opportunity.

My Roles and Responsibilities

As a computer programmer, I am not coding  all the time as people think. I manage several different systems for the College of Business that they use on their website. If something were needed to change or to be fixed with those systems, I would be the one to take care of it. Also, I am assigned projects throughout my time here. I am currently working on rebuilding the internship application system. It is the same one that students use to apply to the college in order to approve a student’s internship. I have also done smaller projects that involve creating application by coding.

My Future

I will continue to work at the University but it will be another 3 semesters before I graduate; I am in consideration of applying for another internship before I graduate. With an IS degree, there are so many different career opportunities out there: computer programmer, business or systems analyst, database administrator, network specialist, and more. I would like to have another internship to gain more knowledge on what is out there and what different organizations with their IT.