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Benjamin Laska, Baker Tilly


Obtaining my Internship

When I look back at all the time I spent networking it is no surprise that I ended up at Baker Tilly for my internship. From freshman year through my senior year I was at all the networking opportunities I could go to. I first met Baker Tilly back when I was a freshman at the Career Fair. As I learned the faces and the people from Baker Tilly it became easier and more comfortable to meet with the people of their company at events. I met with them at Dining with Professionals, Networking Night, Career Fairs, Accounting club events, Baker Tilly Spend a Day during the summer, Timber Rattlers baseball game, and many other events. I built a long-term relationship with many of the recruiters there and by the time my interview came around my senior year for an internship, I barely needed to interview because they knew everything there was to know about me and I knew so much about the company already that it was an easy choice.

Connecting with Interns

As my internship has rolled on, I have found it to be very important to my success to network along with the other interns as well. They are the ones that are in the same position as you right now and it is important to get to know them so you can relate to someone else within the company. Learning from each other is a great way to become successful starting out at a company.

Advice for those Searching for Internships

A piece of advice I would give to other students who are just beginning their internship search is that you can never network enough. Even after I have worked for my internship, I have continued to attend every networking opportunity possible and meet people. However, for those starting out I would say try building relationships early on in your college career. When the time comes where you truly need to start thinking about getting an internship, if you have been networking for several years with the same people it is going to be easier to land that internship and they know you have been taking the time to communicate and learn about their company. Start early and network often is the best advice I can give anyone, you never know when you are going to need someone you networked with for a favor.