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College of Business Professional Development Completion

To complete Professional Development Activities:

Self-Awareness: Personal Globe Inventory

  • Go to CareerLocker, login on the right-hand side.
    • If you had a previous WISCareers account, click “Begin Transfer”
    • If you do not have a CareerLocker account, click “Create an Account” then “NO - Create an account”, enter registration code: osh-c427, and click “Submit”
    • Create a username and password, complete the following information and click “Submit.” Verify your registration and click “Agree.”
  • To take the WISCareers Personal Globe Inventory, login to WISCareers and click “Assessments” on the top toolbar. Click on “Personal Globe Inventory” located on the right side of the page, listed under the header “Interests”
  • Complete each set of questions and you will have a results page
  • Take a screenshot of your PGI results graph, copy into a Word document and upload to the appropriate D2L Dropbox
    • Your assessment is saved to your CareerLocker profile, and you may retrieve it at any time

Market Awareness: Occupational Outlook Handbook

  • Use the OOH, located at to explore majors of interest. Browse the list of general occupations or search for a specific occupation. Choose an occupation of interest related to your intended major.
  • Using Microsoft Word, summarize an occupation in your own words. Use bullet point format and include:
    • Fields within the occupation
    • Educational requirements
    • 10-year growth projection
    • Median salary
  • Save your Word document and upload to the appropriate D2L dropbox. Do not copy and paste directly from the OOH handbook

Professional Connections: Attendance

  • Complete the Club Verification Form ( after attending each of the required 3 club meetings. You must obtain a signature from a club officer at the end of every event in order for the meeting to count towards the admission requirement.
  • Attend the Career Fair on the Fox. Make sure to sign in with your ID as you arrive so your attendance is reported in Handshake
  • When complete, SCAN both sides of the document and save as a PDF file, then type the semester and year of your career fair attendance in the “Comments” section of the submission in the appropriate D2L Dropbox
    • Sage computer lab on the 1st floor also has a small scanner as well as Polk library has scanners on the right hand side when you walk in the entrance where you can email yourself the PDF version.

Communication Skills: Essay

  • Write a 500-750 word essay to reflect on the following admission processes, answering the three prompts below:
    • Identify at least 3 activities you completed in your professional skills class/or the admission process that were most valuable and briefly describe each activity.
    • Discuss what major you choose to pursue once admitted and why you want to pursue that major?
    • Finally, discuss two action steps that you plan on initiating once admitted to the College of Business. (This could include attending events, joining a professional club, steps to secure an internship, etc.)
  • This essay will be reviewed on the basis of completion and thoughtfulness on each of the prompts listed above.
  • Upload your Word document to appropriate D2L Dropbox

Technology Literacy: Resume and LinkedIn

  • Submit your resume with your LinkedIn URL in the “Comments” section of the submission in the appropriate D2L Dropbox.
    • Your resume may be uploaded in either Word or PDF format

Submitting Your Portfolio

Once you have met with your UARC advisor and have completed your academic application for admission to the College of Business you will be enrolled in a D2L course for Admission to the College of Business. Within this course, there are multiple Dropboxes. The drop boxes are where you will submit each portion of your portfolio for review. Please check D2L occasionally to see if there are any additional requirements needed of your portfolio for admission. You will find out if you are admitted on the professional development side through drop box comments and an official decision will be sent via email later.

Last Revised 10/2/2017

All students must abide by the University’s Academic Honesty Policy, shown below:
*UWS 14.01 Statement of principles.
The board of regents, administrators, faculty, academic staff and students of the University of Wisconsin System believe that academic honesty and integrity are fundamental to the mission of higher education and of the university of Wisconsin system. The university has a responsibility to promote academic honesty and integrity and to develop procedures to deal effectively with instances of academic dishonesty. Students are responsible for the honest completion and representation of their work, for the appropriate citation of sources, and for respect of others' academic endeavors. Students who violate these standards must be confronted and must accept the consequences of their actions. Last Revised 7/30/2014