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SMGT 760

SMGT 760Geopolitical Systems: Decision Making for Sustainability at the local, state, & national level.3 credits
This course examines decision making and public policy for sustainability at the national, state and local level. It emphasizes the social, economic, and political factors that affect decisions within the public, nonprofit, and private sectors, and in particular decisions that are designed to foster achievement of sustainability. Special attention is given to formal American policymaking processes at all levels of government; informal activities by citizens, organizations, and businesses that are designed to influence public policy and sustainability; public and community engagement with sustainability issues and policies; corporate sustainability activities and reporting; the potential for public-private partnerships and collaboration in environmental and sustainability decision making; and practical examples of successful decision making for sustainability at all levels. This is a new and hybrid course that draws from work in political science, public policy, public administration, environmental policy and administration, and the emerging field of sustainability studies and sustainable management.