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Web and Mobile Development

(9 cr) [Open to all COB Majors]

The future is mobile! We see the smart phones and tablets all around us and for good reason. Those devices allow businesses to make their processes much more agile by giving employees the information they need at their finger tips. Developing web and mobile apps is very rewarding as you can immediately see your efforts be used by a large user group. With the web and mobile development emphasis, you will be able to create compelling apps and services in any company. Graduates with these skills are in very strong demand in the market place.


  • BUS 412 Agile Web Design and Development
  • BUS 416 Mobile Application Development 
  • Plus three credits from
    • BUS 411 Project Management 
    • BUS 319 Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning Systems 
    • CS 347 Introduction to Usability 
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