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Sales Emphasis

Open to all majors; only 9 credits!

Required courses
: (course descriptions can be found HERE)

Marketing 331, 335 and 338. These three courses must be taken during the same semester as one set of co-requisites. All students with 60 or more credits may take the Sales Emphasis, and no prerequisites exist. The College of Business does limit non-business-majors to 21 credits of upper-level COB courses.

This nine credit emphasis focuses on Complex Sales, Professional and Business-to-Business sales. The ‘complex sale’ generally involves situations where buyers need customized solutions, purchase high dollar amount items, and where buyers need expertise and knowledge from salespeople. The Sales Emphasis involves three courses taught as one integrated experience. The program covers a basic sales process (the G.R.A.C.E. model) that includes customer onboarding, revealing needs, presenting solutions, addressing questions and objections, closing, and post-sale follow-up. The program includes some sales management areas such as hiring, motivating and compensating salespeople, forecasting and budgeting. The program also touches on added topics such as CRM systems, negotiating, and trade shows.

This emphasis is very ‘applied’. A typical semester includes some role-play sessions and hands-on exercises. A set of professionals who work in Sales and Sales Management participate in the program as members of the Sales Coaches Council. Some semesters include field trips and skill‑assessment tools used by actual companies. Readings comprise a set of practitioner oriented books.

For more information contact Professor Bryan Lilly, 424-7201,, Sage Hall 1449.