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SMGT 464

SMGT 464Sustainability Strategy and Innovation3 credits
Prerequisite: Admission to the College of Business.
This course builds on the previous courses in the minor to synthesize how companies apply the core drivers and measures to implement sustainable initiatives and the cost/benefits of these activities. We will learn how to identify sustainable business opportunities while at the same time understanding the challenges of working in this dynamic and changing field. You will be part of a team working on applied business projects with regional organizations. Cross-listed with Business 464. Students may only receive credit for only one of the two cross-listed courses. Prerequisites: Business majors who have been admitted to the COB. All other students can take up to 21 credits of 300 and 400 level College of Business department courses, provided they have completed 60 credits with a combined GPA of 2.5. Business 464/Environmental Studies 464