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INFO SYS 410Software Design & Development3 credits
Prerequisite: Admission to College of Business, Computer Science 142 and 221 , Info Sys 314 and 315 or Computer Science 361 (may be taken concurrently). All with a grade of C or better.
This course is a study of design and development of business applications using visual programming. Topics include software development using Visual Basic.Net at an intermediate level, data access and integration, object-oriented programming in VB.Net, software design in event-driven programming, and GUI design. Prerequisites: Info Sys 314, 315 or Computer Science 361 (concurrent enrollment allowed), Computer Science 142 and Computer Science 221. A substitution may be granted for Computer Science 142 if a student has completed Computer Science 262 and demonstrates knowledge of introductory level VB Net to the MIS faculty. Business majors who have been admitted to the COB. All other students can take up to 21 credits of 300 and 400 level College of Business department courses, provided they have completed 60 credits with a combined GPA of 2.5.