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BUS 477

BUSINESS 477Business Growth and Development3 credits
Prereq: FULL Admit to the COB, Senior stand (last semester of enrollment), & completion or concurrent enroll in Business 442 (Bus Co-op Study), OR Business 492 (Intern Course) & have submitted a graduate application.
This course is designed to satisfy the College of Business culminating experience requirement. Open to all College of Business students, the course is structured in a manner that will enhance each person's ability to understand business at a more holistic level. Students will gain insights about the many interdependencies that link the different functional areas of business together and will learn how to perform a comprehensive business/market analysis (with emphasis placed on identifying external opportunities and threats). This type of analysis is critical to strategic planning and requires some skill at correctly identifying and defining various issues, analyzing their nature, developing potential courses of action and then implementing "vest" practices/solutions. Prerequisites: Business majors who have been admitted to the COB, Senior standing (last semester of enrollment), and completion or enrollment in Business 442 (Business Cooperative Study), OR Business 492 (Internship Course) AND have submitted a graduate application. All other students can take up to 21 credits of 300 and 400 level College of Business department courses, provided they have completed 60 credits with a combined GPA of 2.5.