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UW Oshkosh SBDC adds well known program for strategic planning, benchmarking

The Wisconsin Small Business Development Center (SBDC)  is partnering with Comparison International's PROBE business consulting network to bring Wisconsin companies a new benchmarking and process-improvement tool at no cost to the client. PROBE - for PROmoting Business Excellence - employs exclusive software that uses global business data that grows more robust with each new client. UW Oshkosh director Colleen Merrill is one of 12 certified PROBE facilitators in the Wisconsin SBDC network.

PROBE facilitators guide clients through a performance analysis that compares their company to industry peers. Armed with that knowledge, the facilitator and client work together to identify and prioritize areas for business development and process improvements.

Merrill said, "As a trained facilitator, we have found these group discussions to be a powerful insight for everyone at the table.  Company's are benefiting from the quick, straightforward yet thorough assessment of today's position.  This tool provides the backdrop for strategic planning and planning is the key to success.  Those companies that plan are enjoying two times the annual revenue and two and half times the profit margin of those that don't.  Armed with that information- how can you afford to not take advantage of our no cost PROBE assessment?"

The PROBE network's benchmarking software and assessment tools enable SBDC consultants to more efficiently help clients who want to:

  • Examine their performance as compared to highly successful companies
  • Identify strengths and target areas for improvement
  • Generate action plans for greater competitiveness
  • Implement strategies for better business practices and enhanced performance

Please call/email to find out how PROBE's model and framework helps organizations understand their competitiveness for service excellence and pinpoint where to focus improvement efforts. 

The Wisconsin SBDC is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration. Through no-cost consulting, educational resources, and specialty services, the SBDC guides entrepreneurs through the process of business creation and helps established businesses grow.

For more information on PROBE and how the UW Oshkosh SBDC can be of service to you, call Director Colleen Merrill at (920) 424-1456 or visit