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Registration Procedures

ADMITTED STUDENTS - Enrollment appointment dates can be viewed in Titan Web under "Enrollment Dates" on the right hand menu. Click on "details" for future enrollment appointment dates.

After Titan Web registration closes, please contact our office for registration either via email ().

  • GRADUATE ASSISTANTS & FULL-TIME STUDENTS -- Please contact the week before Tier 1 to discuss course options.
  • OTHER STUDENTS -- Please contact  the week before your enrollment date to discuss course options
  • SPECIAL STUDENTS, GUESTS AND ALUMNI -- Registration requests will be accepted as soon as you can access the information you need to complete the form. If you've already taken a class with us, you can send an email with your class request to . If you are requesting your first class, you must complete the Special Student form and send the form to .


Tier 1 - Register via Titan Web

a) Students with 21 or more Degree (Level II) credits earned, including those earned in the current semester -- do not count Foundation level courses* in this calculation.  *Foundation courses are: BUS 700, 710, 712, 730, 740, 750, 770 and ECON 704

b) Students in Central Wisconsin. 

c) Full-time Students whose primary time commitment is attending school full-time and may have a part-time job, please contact  the week prior to Tier 1 registration.

d) Students whose employers have transferred them (or their spouses) from Wisconsin to another state and have a residence in that state.

Tier 2 - Register via TitanWeb

a) All other students. 

Contact the UW Oshkosh MBA Office
Phone: (800) 633-1430