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2014-2015 Costs

Making the investment in your future: Executive MBA Path

Like most business decisions that come across your desk, the decision to earn your MBA requires careful consideration with a number of factors weighed. One factor is cost. This sheet provides a general overview on payment options for your MBA degree and answers to frequently asked financial questions by those considering the Executive MBA Path.

How much does it cost?

The UW Oshkosh Executive MBA Path's total cost of instructional tuition and fees is $58,000. This includes tuition, books, class meals and refreshments, all classroom materials, orientation and residency events including lodging and meals and a ten-day international trip (excluding airfaire).

How was the cost determined?

The cost was set after extensive research was done by the UW Oshkosh MBA Office with close collaboration of almost 500 executives in Northeast and North Central Wisconsin. The cost is reasonably priced compared to other Executive MBA offerings, while providing exceptional value for participants and Wisconsin organizations.

Is financial aid available?

Yes - in most cases, financial aid is an option. This is done by applying online by using FAFSA Code (003920). Although many employers offer tuition assistance, many students need additional support. Work closely with your employer to determine what's covered and then apply for financial aid if necessary. The information below provides the maximum aid granted for the Executive MBA Path. 

  • The maximum amount of aid awarded is $10,250/semester in the form of a Direct Unsubsidized Loan for the  academic school year (four total semesters).
  • The Direct Unsubsidized Loan is currently offered at a fixed interest rate of 5.41 percent; with payment requirement beginning six months after graduation.
  • If additional aid is needed after receiving the Stafford Unsubsidized Loan, students may apply for the Grad PLUS Loan.
  • The Grad PLUS Loan is currently offered at a fixed interest rate of 6.41 percent; with payment requirement beginning 60 days after the loan is secured.

Note: If you are receiving tuition assistance, your awarded loan amount cannot exceed the program cost when combined with your employer contribution.

Who do I contact with financial aid questions?

Please contact Stacy Drews in the UW Oshkosh Financial Aid Office at (920) 424-3379 or She will be able to answer your questions regarding federal aid and can direct you on how to proceed in the Executive MBA Path application process.

Download the Executive MBA Cost Overview.

Contact us:

MBA Graduate Office

(920) 424-0186

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