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Handbook/ Program Planning

(Course descriptions & syllabi)

Course Sequence Guidelines

Courses should be taken in the following order:

Complete all foundation courses first, at the graduate level if possible. Core courses may be taken before completing foundations only when foundation courses are unavailable. Program adviser approval required. BUS 700 is a prerequisite for BUS 730. 

MBA: BUS 794, Strategic Management (3 cr.) should only be taken after all management and functional core courses are completed. Recommended to take earlier in program: BUS 731.
BUS 752 recommended taking later in program and after BUS 731.

MBA: The remainder of your courses can then be taken in any order. Please check prerequisites on the course description page to be sure those requirements have been completed for the course(s) you want to take.

Course Sequence Guidelines - New Curriculum

Entry Course - BUS 791 The Strategic Context of Organizations must be taken before the core courses and the capstone course but may be taken with tools and elective courses.  Ideally, students will take the Entry Course BUS 791 first.  However, students are able to take tools and electives before.

BUS 752 Cost Management - recommended taking later in the program.

BUS 799 Capstone Analysis must be taken last, but can be taken with another class.

Core Course Prerequisites 

BUS 791 BUS 700 ECON 704 BUS 712BUS 798Other
741XXXunderstanding of Microsoft Excel
752XXX731,741, 761 recommended
XXAll core courses recommended
794XXXXX731, 741, 761 recommended

Graduating this semester? 

Thesis Option

Students may elect to undertake a research project and write a six-credit thesis as part of their degree program. .