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The Economics Department offers four paths to a Bachelors Degree, one through the College of Business and three through the College of Letters and Science.

The Econ BBA

Over half of our majors choose to pursue a BBA through the College of Business. Besides requiring that you fulfill the College’s pre-core and core requirements, the Econ BBA requires 15 to 21 additional upper level Econ credits:

BBA Econ Core (9 credits):

  • Econ 329 Intermediate Micro Theory
  • Econ 331 Intermediate Macro Theory
  • Econ 472 Time Series Analysis or 473 Econometrics

Required Electives (choose 6 credits):

  • Econ 305 Money and Banking
  • Econ 403 Public Sector
  • Econ 420 International Trade and Finance
  • Econ 433 Managerial Economics
  • Econ 466 Industrial Organization

Additional Requirements (6 credits):

  • Any 300/400 Business or Economics Electives

Because you can satisfy part of the Econ BBA with other Business courses, you can double major in Economics by taking just 5 additional courses: Intermediate Macro, Intermediate Micro, Econometrics or Times Series Analysis, and any 2 of the above 5 upper level Econ courses. And since one of those 5 courses allows you to meet the College’s Global Knowledge requirement, that’s really just 4 more courses.

The Econ L&S BA or BS

Many of our majors choose to purse either a BA or BS degree in the College of Letters and Sciences. Besides meeting the College requirements for those degrees, the Econ BA/BS requires a 15 credit core:

  • BA/BS Econ Core (15 credits):
  • Econ 204 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Econ 206 Principles of Microeconomics
  • Econ 210 Econ & Business Statistics
  • Econ 329 Intermediate Micro Theory
  • Econ 331 Intermediate Macro Theory

The additional requirements depend upon whether you choose the Quantitative, General, or International Emphasis.