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Sarinda Taengnoi Siemers

Ph.D. Economics. University of Illinois at Chicago
Associate Professor
Office: Sage 2479
Office Phone: 920-424-0979
Expertise: Economics of Immigration, Gender Economics

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

Journal Articles

  • Siemers, S.T., & Robson, D. (Forthcoming). Age and the Pursuit of Happiness among Immigrants. International Journal of Social Economics.
  • Johnson, M., Robson, D.A., & Taengnoi Siemers, S. (2014). A Meta Analysis of the Gender Gap in Performance in Collegiate Economics Courses. Review of Social Economy.
  • Taengnoi Siemers, S. (2014). ''Economic man and social woman: Determinants of immigrants' life satisfaction. Economics Bulletin.
  • Taengnoi Siemers, S., Bowman, K., & (2013). Invention, Innovation, and Wage Inequality in Developed Countries. Eastern Economic Journal.
  • Taengnoi Siemers, S., Johnson, M., & Robson, D.A. (2012). Study design's influence on empirical findings in economic education. Applied Economics Letters.
  • Taengnoi Siemers, S., & Haley, M.R. (2011). The skill transferability of high-skilled US immigrants. Applied Economics Letters.
  • Taengnoi Siemers, S., Johnson, M., Cotti, C., & Robson, D.A. The Gender Gap in Early Business Courses: Determinants of Performance in Economics and Statistics. Journal of the Academy of Business Education.

Book Review

  • Taengnoi Siemers, S. (2008). Understanding Modern Economics. Addison-Wesley.


  • Taengnoi Siemers, S. Determinants of life satisfaction among high and low-skilled immigrants in the U.S.. Paper presented at Eastern Economics Association, Boston, MA. March 2014.
  • Taengnoi Siemers, S. Are you happy here?The assessment of life satisfaction among skilled immigrants in the U.S.. Paper presented at American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences, Las Vegas. February 2013.
  • Taengnoi Siemers, S. An Analysis of International student enrollment in American Universities. Paper presented at Missouri Valley Economic Association, St Louis, MO. October 2010.
  • Taengnoi Siemers, S. Women in Undergrad Economics: Roles Models and Success Rate. Paper presented at Midwest Economics Association, Evanston, IL. March 2010.

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