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M. Kevin McGee

Ph.D. Economics. Ohio State University, 1983
Office: Sage 2418
Office Phone: 920-424-7155
Expertise: Taxation, Statistics, Quantitative Methods

Artist extraordinaire

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

Journal Articles

  • McGee, M.K., & Van Scyoc, L. (2015). Testing for Competitive Balance. Empirical Economics.
  • McGee, M.K., & Kuennen, E.W. (2014). Variance Distributions from Round Robin Series of Zero-Sum Competitions.. International Journal of Statistics and Economics.
  • McGee, M.K., Haley, M.R., & Walker, T.R. (2012). Disparity, Shortfall, and Twice-Endogenous HARA Utility.. Econometric Reviews, Vol 32(4).
  • McGee, M.K., Nollenberger, K., Maher, C., & Beach, P. (2012). Budget Priorities and Community Perceptions of Service Quality and Importance.. Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management.
  • McGee, M.K., Burnett, N.J., & Van Scyoc, L. (2011). “The Best Defense…” or Optimal Offence/Defense Spending Ratios in the NFL.. Applied Economics Letters/Routledge (Taylor and Francis Journals).
  • McGee, M.K., & Haley, M.R. (2011). KLICing there and back again: Portfolio selection using the empirical likelihood divergence and Hellinger distance.. Journal of Empirical Finance 18(2).
  • McGee, M.K., Haley, M.R., & Johnson, M. (2010). A Framework for Reconsidering the Lake Wobegon Effect.. Journal of Economic Education.
  • McGee, M.K. (2010). Twice constrained investment under uncertainty: A mixed time model.. Research in Economics.
  • McGee, M.K., & Haley, M.R. (2006). Tilting Safety First and the Sharpe Portfolio.. Finance Research Letters/Elsevier.
  • McGee, M.K. (1998). Capital Gains Taxation and New Firm Investment.. National Tax Journal.
  • McGee, M.K. (1989). Alternative Transitions to a Consumption Tax.. National Tax Journal.

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