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Bryan Lilly

Ph.D. Marketing. Indiana University, 1997
Office: Sage 1449
Office Phone: 920-424-7201
Expertise: Marketing

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

Journal Articles

  • Brehmer, A., Lilly, B.S., & Tippins, M. (2014). Improving Salesperson Recruitment: Examining Practices of Screening Candidates for Potential Success versus Potential Failure, Journal of Applied Business and Economics, 15 (1), 2013. North American Business Press.
  • Alexandrov, A., & Lilly, B.S. (2013). The Effects of Social- and Self-Motives on the Intentions to Share Positive and Negative Word of Mouth, 41 (5), 2013, p.531-546. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.
  • Lilly, B.S., & Simmons, J.R. (2010). The University and Student Political Engagement. Political Science and Politics.
  • Lilly, B.S. (2009). Optimizing stimuli order in marketing experiments: a comparison of four orders using six criteria. Journal of Targeting Measurement and Analysis for Marketing, 17 (4).


  • Lilly, B.S. What are Salespeople Doing and Why? Diving Into Sales Counterproductive Work Behaviors.. Paper presented at 2013 American Marketing Association Summer Educators' Conference 2013, "American Marketing Association" Boston. August 2013.
  • Lilly, B.S. Buyers: Roles and Motivations. Paper presented at 2012 Sales Educators' Academy, "Sales Education Foundation" Altamonte Springs, FL. June 2012.


  • NIH Human Subjects Certification, 2012-07-05.
  • Quality Matters Peer Review Certification, 2012-06-18.
  • Sales Educators' Academy, 2012-05-24.
  • Chally Certification Training, 2011-06-09.
  • CPIM, 1987-01-30.

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