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Marianne Johnson

Ph.D. Economics. Michigan State University, 1999
Office: Sage 2414
Office Phone: 920-424-2230
Expertise: History of Economic Thought, History of Public Finance, Education Pedagogy

Dr. Johnson's research focuses on the history of public economics and public choice, particularly as related to public goods. She currently serves on the editorial board of the Journal for the History of Economic Thought and recently finished a five year term as co-editor for Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology. Dr. Johnson is the Vice President of the History of Economics Society and former president of the Wisconsin Economics Association.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

Journal Articles

  • Johnson, M. (2014). James M. Buchanan, Chicago, and Post War Public FInance. Journal of the History of Economic Thought 36 (4).
  • Johnson, M. (2014). Public Goods, Market Failure, and Voluntary Exchange. History of Political Economy.
  • Johnson, M., Robson, D.A., & Taengnoi Siemers, S. (2014). A Meta Analysis of the Gender Gap in Performance in Collegiate Economics Courses. Review of Social Economy 72 (4).
  • Johnson, M. (2014). Progressivism and Academic Public Finance, 1880 - 1930. History of Political Economy 46 (1).
  • Johnson, M., & Cotti, C. (2012). Teaching Economics Using Historical Novels: Jonathan Harr's The Lost Painting, The Quest for a Caravaggio Masterpiece. Journal of Economic Education 43 (3).
  • Johnson, M., Robson, D.A., & Taengnoi Siemers, S. (2012). Study Design’s Influence on Empirical Findings in Economic Education. Applied Economics Letters 19 (16-18).
  • Johnson, M. (2011). Public Finance and Wisconsin Institutionalism, 1892 - 1929. Journal of Economic Issues 45 (4).
  • Johnson, M. (2011). Wicksell’s Justice and the Scandinavian and Public Choice Traditions. International Journal of Social Economics 38 (7).
  • Johnson, M. (2010). Wicksell's Social Philosophy and his Unanimity Rule. Review of Social Economy, 68 (2).
  • Johnson, M., Haley, M.R., & McGee, M.K. (2010). A Framework for Reconsidering the Lake Wobegon Effect. Journal of Economic Education 41 (2).


  • Johnson, M. Computable General Equilibrium Models as Applied Economics: Some Number is Better than None . Paper presented at History of Political Economy Conference, "Duke Center for History of Political Economy" Raleigh, NC. April 2016.
  • Johnson, M. Wicksell, Buchanan and the Problem of Maldistribution in Public Choice. Paper presented at History of Economics Society Conference, "History of Economics Society" Montreal 2014. June 2014.
  • Johnson, M. Voluntary Exchange and Market Failure. Paper presented at History of Political Economy (HOPE) Conference, "Duke University" Raleigh Durham, NC, 2014. April 2014.
  • Johnson, M. Public Economics, Market Failure, and Voluntary Exchange. Paper presented at Allied Social Science Association (ASSA) Meetings , "History of Economics Society Sessions" Philadelphia. January 2014.
  • Johnson, M. The Earlier Origins of Public Choice. Paper presented at History of Economics Society Confernece, "History of Economics Society" Univeristy of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. June 2013.
  • Johnson, M. James Buchanan, Post War Public Finance, and A New Path. Paper presented at HES Annual Conference, "History of Economics Society" Brock University, Ontario, Canada. June 2012.


  • External. (2008). "Internationalizing the Business Curriculum In and Out of the Classroom" Awarded by U.S. Department of Education; Business and International Education. Teaching and Learning Scholarship.
  • External. (2005). "Lecturing in Public Finance" Awarded by Fulbright Program, CIES. Applied or Integration/Application Scholarship.

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