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Ashay B Desai

Ph.D. Strategic Management. University of Memphis, TN, 1998
Associate Professor
Department Chair, Management and Human Resources
Office: Sage 2467
Office Phone: 920-424-7269
Expertise: Management

Journal Articles

  • Desai, A.B., Arbaugh, B., & Tippins, M. (Forthcoming). Learning through Collaboration and Competition: Incorporating Problem Based Learning and Competitive Based Learning in a Capstone Course. Organization Management Journal.
  • Arbaugh, B., Rau, B.L., Desai, A.B., & Sridhar, B. (2010). A Review of Research on Online and Blended Learning in the Management Discipline: 1994-2009. Organization Management Journal.
  • Desai, A.B. (2008). Contingent Relationship Between Risk and Return: Toward a Behavioral Model of Decision Making. Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management.
  • Desai, A.B., Mukherji, A., & Mukherji, J. (2006). Examing Risk-Return Relationships in the Regionalization Context: Beyond natioanl Culture. Journal of International Business Strategy.
  • Desai, A.B., & Sridhar, B. (2006). Employee Reactions to Outsourcing: Develpment of the Attitudes toward Outsourcing (ATO) Scale. Competition Forum.
  • Desai, A.B., & Francis, J. (2005). Situational And Organizational Determinants Of Turnaround. Management Decision.
  • Desai, A.B., Kroll, M., & Wright, P. (2004). Outside Board Monitoring And The Economic Outcomes Of Acquisitions: A Test Of The Substitution Hypothesis. Journal Of Business Research.
  • Desai, A.B., Kroll, M., & Wright, P. (2003). CEO Duality, Board Monitoring And Acquisition Performance: A Test Of Competing Theories. Journal Of Business Strategies 20(2).


  • Desai, A.B. , & Tippins, M. The Student Consulting Practicum: Applied Learning through Collaboration and Competition. Paper presented at AMA Summer Marketing Educators’ Conference, "American Marketing Association" Chicago. August 2009.


  • Best Paper Award, Received, Academy of Management (MED) Division, August 11, 2009.
  • COB UW Oshkosh, Received, Management/HR Team Teaching Award, April 2008.
  • COB GRADUATE FACULTY, Received, MBA PROGRAM, January 2007.
  • Management and Human Resources Teaching Award, COB UW- Oshkosh, September 2004.
  • Irwin/McGraw-Hill Distinguished Paper Award, Southwest Academy of Management, April 2002.

Professional Memberships

  • Academy of Management.


  • Academic Professional: Journal of Business Strategies, Present
  • Department: Globalization Committee, 2003 - Present
  • Academic Professional: Management Decision, 2003 - Present
  • Community: UW Credit Union, 2003 - Present
  • Academic Professional: Journal of Business Research, 2000 - Present