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Chad D Cotti

Ph.D. Economics. University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 2006
Oshkosh Corporation Endowed Professor; Chair, Department of Economics, Economics
Office: Sage 2416
Office Phone: 920-424-3013
Expertise: Health Economics, Labor Economics,Public Policy

Dr. Cotti is a Professor of Economics and the Oshkosh Corporation Endowed Professor at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. His research interests lie broadly within applied microeconomics, with specific interests within the fields of health economics and public policy. His work has appeared in several leading journals in economics, including the Review of Economics & Statistics, Social Science & Medicine, the Journal of Public Economics, the Journal of Health Economics, and the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. His research has also been covered by many prominent media sources, such as The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Boston Globe, USA Today, The New York Times Magazine, and The Washington Post. He holds a B.S. in Quantitative Economics from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, a M.P.A. from the Robert M. La Follette School of Public Policy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

Journal Articles

  • Cotti, C., Gordanier, J., & Ozturk, O. (Forthcoming). Class Meeting Frequency, Start Times, and Academic Performance. Economics of Education Review.
  • Cotti, C., & Simon, D. (Forthcoming). The Impact of Stock Market Fluctuations on the Mental and Physical Wellbeing of Children. Economic Inquiry.
  • Adams, S., Cotti, C., & Ullman, D. (Forthcoming). Seatbelt use as a police avoidance strategy: A test using the legality of medical marijuana. Safety.
  • Cotti, C.D., Cummings, W., & Walker, D. (Forthcoming). The effect of casino proximity on lottery sales: Evidence from Maryland. Contemporary Economic Policy.
  • Catellari, E., Cotti, C., Gordanier, J., & Ozturk, O. (Forthcoming). Does the Timing of Food Stamp Distribution Matter? A Panel-Data Analysis of Monthly Purchasing Patterns of US Households. Health Economics.
  • Cotti, C., Nesson, E., & Tefft, N. (2016). The Effects of Tobacco Control Policies on Tobacco Products, Tar, and Nicotine Consumption among Adults: Evidence from Household Panel Data. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.
  • Cotti, C., Haley, M.R., & Miller, L. (2016). Assessing the impact of different workplace flexibilities on workplace stress in the presence of varying degrees of job control. Applied Economics Letters.
  • Cotti, C. (2016). Eat (and Drink) Better Tonight: Food Stamp Benefit Timing and Drunk Driving Fatalities. American Journal of Health Economics.
  • Cotti, C., & Hoke, O. (2016). Minimum Wages and Youth Binge Drinking. Empirical Economics .
  • Cotti, C. (2015). On the Robustness of Minimum Wage Effects: Geographically-Disparate Trends and Job Growth Equations. IZA Journal of Labor Economics.
  • Cotti, C., Dunn, R., & Tefft, N. (2015). The Great Recession and Consumer Demand for Alcohol: A Dynamic Panel-Data Analysis of U.S. Households. American Journal of Health Economics.
  • Cotti, C., Dunn, R., & Tefft, N. (2015). The Dow is Killing Me: Risky Health Behaviors and the Stock Market. Health Economics.
  • Cotti, C., & Hoke, O. (2015). The Impact of Large Container Beer Purchases on Alcohol-Related Fatal Vehicle Accidents. Contemporary Economic Policy.
  • Adams, S., Cotti, C., & Tefft, N. (2015). Seatbelt Use Among Drunk Drivers in Different Legislative Settings. Economic Inquiry.
  • Addison, J., Cotti, C., & Surfield, C. (2015). Atypical Work: Who Gets It, and Where Does It Lead? Evidence from U.S. Data. The Manchester School .
  • Cotti, C., & Haley, M.R. (2014). Estimating the effectiveness of a misdemeanor drug diversion program using propensity score matching and survival analyses. The Social Science Journal.
  • Cotti, C., Haley, M.R., & Miller, L. (2014). Workplace Flexibilities, Job Satisfaction, and Union Membership in the US Workforce. British Journal of Industrial Relations.
  • Cotti, C., Dunn, R., & Tefft, N. (2014). Alcohol-Related Motor Vehicle Crash Fatality Risk and the Location of Alcohol Purchase. Social Science & Medicine .
  • Addison, J., Blackburn, M., & Cotti, C. (2013). Minimum Wage Increase in a Recessionary Environment. Labour Economics.
  • Skidmore, M., Cotti, C., & Alm, J. (2013). The Political Economy of State Government Subsidy Adoption: The Case of Ethanol. Economics and Politics .
  • Adams, S., Cotti, C., & Fuhrmann, D. (2013). Smokeless Tobacco use following smoking bans in bars. Southern Economic Journal .
  • Adams, S., Cotti, C., & Fuhrmann, D. (2013). The Short-Term Impact of Smoke-Free Workplace Laws on Fatal Heart Attacks. Applied Economics.
  • Adams, S., Blackburn, M., & Cotti, C. (2012). Minimum Wages and Alcohol-Related Traffic Fatalities among Teens. The Review of Economics and Statistics.
  • Cotti, C., & Johnson, M. (2012). Teaching Economics Using Historical Novels: Jonathan Harr’s The Lost Painting: The Quest for a Caravaggio Masterpiece. Journal of Economic Education.
  • Cotti, C., & Tefft, N. (2012). Fast Food Prices, Obesity, and the Minimum Wage. Economics and Human Biology.
  • Cotti, C., & Tefft, N. (2011). Decomposing the Relationship between Macroeconomic Conditions and Fatal Car Crashes during the Great Recession: Alcohol- and Non-Alcohol-Related Accidents. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy.
  • Addison, J., Blackburn, M., & Cotti, C. (2011). The Effect of Minimum Wages on Labour Market Outcomes: County-Level Estimates from the Restaurant and Bar Sector. British Journal of Industrial Relations/London School of Economics.
  • Cotti, C., & Walker, D. (2010). The Impact of Casinos on Fatal Alcohol-Related Traffic Accidents in the United States. Journal of Health Economics .
  • Cotti, C., & Skidmore, M. (2010). The Impact of State Government Subsidies and Tax Credits in an Emerging Industry: Ethanol Production 1980-2007. Southern Economic Journal.
  • Addison, J., Blackburn, M., & Cotti, C. (2009). Do Minimum Wages Raise Employment? Evidence from the U.S. Retail-Trade Sector. Labour Economics/Elsevier.
  • Cotti, C. (2008). The Effect of Casinos on Local Labor Markets: A County Level Analysis. The Journal of Gambling Business and Economics.
  • Adams, S., & Cotti, C. (2008). Drunk driving after the passage of smoking bans in bars. Journal of Public Economics.
  • Cotti, C., & Drewianka, S. (2007). Economic Restructuring and Labor Market Inefficiency: Evidence from Cross-Sectoral Data. Southern Economic Journal.
  • Adams, S., & Cotti, C. (2007). The Effect of Smoking Bans on Bars and Restaurants: An Analysis of Changes in Employment. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy.

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