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Benjamin Artz

Ph.D. Universtiy of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 2008
Assistant Professor
Office: Sage Hall 2412
Office Phone: 920-424-2190
Expertise: Labor Economics, Industrial Relations

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

Journal Articles

  • Artz, B., & Welsch, D. (Forthcoming). Child Care Quality and Pricing: Evidence from Wisconsin. Applied Economics.
  • Artz, B., & Adams, S. (Forthcoming). Health Insurance, Familial Responsibilities and Job Satisfaction. Journal of Family and Economic Issues.
  • Artz, B., & Welsch, D. (2014). The Effect of Peer and Professor Gender on College Student Performance. Southern Economic Journal.
  • Artz, B., & Kaya, I. (2014). The impact of job security on job satisfaction in economic contractions versus expansions. Applied Economics.
  • Artz, B., & Kaya, I. (2014). Job insecurity and job satisfaction in the US: the case of public sector union workers. Industrial Relations Journal.
  • Artz, B. (2013). The Impact of Supervisor Age on Employee Job Satisfaction. Applied Economics Letters.
  • Artz, B., & Welsch, D. (2013). The Effect of Student Evaluations on Academic Success. Education Finance and Policy.
  • Artz, B. (2012). Does the impact of union experience on job satisfaction differ by gender. Industrial and Labor Relations Review.
  • Artz, B. (2011). The voice effect of unions: evidence from the US. Journal of Labor Research.
  • Artz, B. (2010). Fringe benefits and job satisfaction. International Journal of Manpower.
  • Artz, B. (2010). The impact of union experience on job satisfaction. Industrial Relations.
  • Artz, B., Heywood, J., & McGinty, M. (2009). The merger paradox in a mixed oligopoly. Research in Economics.
  • Artz, B. (2008). The role of firm size and performance pay in determining employee job satisfaction. Labour: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations.


  • Artz, B., & Kaya, I. The Value of Job Security in Contraction and Expansion. Paper presented at Midwest Economics Association Meetings, Columbus, OH. 2013.
  • Artz, B. Unemployment duration, unemployment insurance and post-unemployment job match quality: a job satisfaction approach. Paper presented at Wisconsin Economics Association Annual Meetings, Steven's Point, WI. 2013.
  • Artz, B. The Voice Effect of Unions: Evidence from the US. Paper presented at Academy of Economics and Finance Annual Meetings, Jacksonville, FL. 2011.
  • Artz, B. Supervisor Age and How its Impact on Employee Job Satisfaction Differs by Gender. Paper presented at Southern Economics Association Annual Meetings, Washington DC. 2011.
  • Artz, B., & Kaya, I. The Impact of Perceived Job Insecurity on Job Satisfaction. Paper presented at Southern Economics Association Annual Meetings, Washington DC. 2011.
  • Artz, B. Does the Impact of Union Experience on Job Satisfaction Differ by Gender?. Paper presented at Eurasia Business and Economics Society Meetings, Istanbul, Turkey. 2010.