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Ben Arbaugh

Ph.D. Business Strategy. The Ohio State University, 1994
Department Chair, Management and Human Resources
Office: Sage 2461
Office Phone: 920-424-7189
Expertise: Business Education

Prior to coming to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Dr. Arbaugh was a project manager with the U.S. Air Force and an assistant manager with K-Mart Corporation. His research focuses on management education via the Internet, career issues of MBAs, and international entrepreneurship. From January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2011, Dr. Arbaugh was the Editor of Academy of Management Learning & Education. He also was Chair of the Management Education and Development (MED) Division of the Academy of Management in 2006-2007. He is a six-time Academy of Management Division Best Paper award winner, the winner of the 2001 Roethlisberger Award for the Best Article in the Journal of Management Education, and the 2006 winner of a Best Article Award in Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education. In 2011, Dr. Arbaugh became the second College of Business faculty member to be named a John McNaughton Rosebush Professor, UW Oshkosh’s highest award for faculty. Other UW Oshkosh honors include the 2008 Outstanding COB Graduate Faculty Award and the 2009 Management and Human Resources Department Teaching Award. Dr. Arbaugh also sits on the Editorial Review Boards for the Journal of Management Education, Management Learning, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, the Journal of Management, Spirituality, and Religion, and the International Journal of Management Reviews.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

Journal Articles

  • Arbaugh, B. (2016). Where are the dedicated scholars of management learning and education?. Management Learning.
  • Arbaugh, B. (2014). Scholar, software, or students? Which most influences online MBA course effectiveness. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning.
  • Desai, A.B., Tippins, M., & Arbaugh, B. (2014). Learning through collaboration and competition: Incorporating problem-based learning and competitive-based learning in a capstone course. Organization Management Journal.
  • Arbaugh, B., DeArmond, S.E., & Rau, B.L. (2013). New Uses for Existing Tools? A Call to Study Online Management Instruction and Instructors. Academy of Management Learning & Education.
  • Arbaugh, B. (2013). Uses of multivariate analytical techniques in online and blended business education: An assessment of current practice and recommendations for future research. Journal of Management Education.
  • Arbaugh, B. (2013). Emerging from the black box: AMLE’s continuing influences on its newest past editor. Academy of Management Learning & Education.
  • Arbaugh, B. (2013). Does academic discipline moderate CoI-course outcome relationships in online MBA courses. The Internet and Higher Education/Elsevier.
  • Arbaugh, B. (2011). Post-MBA Industry Shifts: An investigation of career, educational, and demographic factors. Career Development International/Emerald.
  • Arbaugh, B. (2010). Does the MBA experience support diversity? Demographic effects on program satisfaction. Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education.
  • Arbaugh, B. (2010). Sage, guide, both, or even more? An examination of instructor activity in online MBA courses. Computers & Education/Elsevier.
  • Arbaugh, B. (2010). Do Undergraduates and MBAs Differ Online? Initial Conclusions from the Literature. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies.
  • Arbaugh, B., Desai, A.B., Rau, B.L., & Sridhar, B. (2010). A review of research on online and blended learning in the management discipline: 1994-2009. Organization Management Journal.
  • Arbaugh, B. (2010). Subject matter effects and the community of inquiry (CoI) framework: An exploratory study.. The Internet and Higher Education/Elsevier.
  • Arbaugh, B. (2009). A response to the review of the community of inquiry framework. Journal of Distance Education.
  • Arbaugh, B. (2009). Is entrepreneurial orientation a global construct? A multi-country study of entrepreneurial orientation, growth strategy, and performance. Journal of Business Inquiry.
  • Arbaugh, B., Godfrey, M., Johnson, M., Leisen Pollack, B., Niendorf, B., & Wresch, B. (2009). Research in online and blended learning in the business disciplines: Key findings and possible future directions. The Internet and Higher Education/Elsevier.


  • Arbaugh, B. (2010). Online and Blended Business Education for the 21st Century. Chandos Publishing.

Book Chapter

  • Arbaugh, B. (2009). Distance learning and web-based instruction in management education. London, UK: The SAGE Handbook of Management Learning, Education, and Development.


  • Arbaugh, B. Development Patterns in Business and Management Education Research: Knowledge-based or Knower-based? . Paper presented at 2014 Annual meeting of the Academy of Management, "Academy of Management" Philadelphia, PA. August 2014.


  • External. (2009). "Disciplinary Effects on the Design of Online and Blended MBA Courses" Awarded by GMAC Management Education Research Institute. Teaching and Learning Scholarship.


  • Department: Management and Human Resources Department, August 2015 - Present

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