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Strategic Management

Fall 2010 - Spring 2015

Strategic Intent

Our strategic intent is to make the UW Oshkosh College of Business the school of choice for highly capable and motivated students from the State of Wisconsin and Beyond. We also intend to make the College the workplace of choice for faculty and staff.

Strategic Objectives

To achieve our strategic intent and realize our vision, the UWO College of Business is committed to the following strategic objectives:

  • Strategic Objective #1:  To deliver “best-in-class” academic majors and programs (Academic Quality).
  • Strategic Objective #2:  To provide our students with a broad array of practical experiences and create a process that ensures all students engage in these activities and learn how to act as professionals (Student Professional Development).
  • Strategic Objective #3:  To employ engaged faculty and staff who actively accomplish the College’s activities, operations and mission (Faculty Recruitment, Retention and Engagement).
  • Strategic Objective #4:  To present and publish research that influences the decisions of practitioners and academics (Scholarship Quality).
  • Strategic Objective #5:  To develop and maintain symbiotic relationships with the broader economic community (External Relationship Building).
  • Strategic Objective #6:  To create and maintain sustainable long-term sources of funding (Financial Resource Management).
  • Strategic Objective #7:  To position the COB’s image to all stakeholders as being the preferred choice for business education (College Communications and Promotion).