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Undergraduate Program

A listing of staff associated with the Undergraduate Program.

Micki Benz

Micki Benz
Program Assistant, Undergraduate Program
Office: Sage 1608
Office Phone: 920-424-3269

Jennifer Buelow

Jennifer Buelow
Internship Advisor, Undergraduate Program
Office: Sage 1609
Office Phone: 920-424-4602

Jakob Iversen

Jakob Iversen
Ph.D. Computer Science. Aalborg University, 2000
Director, Information Technology Services
Committee Chair, Undergraduate Program
Office: Sage 2442
Office Phone: 920-424-0166
Expertise: Management Information Systems, E-business/E-commerce, Agile Software Development, Software Process Improvement, Mobile App Development

Jessica J. Pondell

Jessica J. Pondell
MA Post-Secondary Education. University of Northern Iowa, 2004
Professional Development Director, Undergraduate Program
Office: Sage 1608E
Office Phone: 920-424-3032
Expertise: Student Professional Development and Internships

Patti Ann Wild

Patti Ann Wild
Program Director, Undergraduate Program
Office: Sage 1608B
Office Phone: 920-424-3147