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Leadership and Governance

CivilityWorks will be an ad hoc network of individuals who join toether in common purpose. Leadership and direction will be provided by an executive committee comprised of at least three persons. One person shall be responsibile for convening the group and helping to develop and advance the group's agenda. A second person will provide support to the role and act in the place of the convener if they are unable to preside over the activity, event or meeting. A third person shall serve as the keeper of records, materials and other group related documents. The leadership team will be selected by democratic practices in November or December to serve during the following calendar year (from January to December).


 While CivilityWorks is a loosely organized network of individuals, it shall administratively be placed within Human Resources as an expression of the sense of direction and priority from those interested, concerned and involved groups of employees. Additionally, the Office of the Chancellor will also serve as a consultative and resource role with respect to any initiatives that require broad univeristy-wide endorsement, funding or sponsorship.


CivilityWorks may create a listserve for communication purposes and establish a website to provide information and awareness relating to the activities of the group. Additionally, CivilityWorks will develop a series of meetings, discussions, and programs and activities to provide opportunities for the campus community to participate in educational-related efforts or to gain information about additional programs, services or resources that may be useful for individaul or group use. CivilityWorks will coordinate efforts, to the extent possible, with the Oshkosh Civility Project, and will serve as a resource to help support any campus-based programmatic needs relating to the broad subjects of civlity, campus climate and culture, and any other related issues or topics that fall within the general objectives that provide the basis for CivilityWorks as an organization at UW Oshkosh.


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