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UW Oshkosh Children's Center
800 Algoma Blvd.
Swart Hall, Room 131
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Enrollment forms are available at and should be returned to :

UW Oshkosh Children's Center

Sandra Kust, Director

Swart Hall, Room 131

Oshkosh, WI 54901-8632


The packet of forms consist of an enrollment form, health form, health history, immunization record, the parent handbook and an intake form for children under two years of age. Download all of the forms from the Parents Enrollment Web page.



A fee of $2.50 per family, is nonrefundable and paid at the time of registration each semester and summer session. The registration fee must be paid for interims only if you were not enrolled during the semester. Forms will not be accepted unless fee is paid.

You must reapply for each session - semesters, interims and summer. We will make every effort to offer continuing care from session to session; therefore it is very important to hand in forms in a timely manner.

Prior enrollment guarantees future acceptance, but you must reapply for each session. To provide consistency of care, we do our best to offer continuing care. Failure to turn in the forms and schedules will give new people priority.

Forms will be accepted at all times for any upcoming session. Due to limited capacity, enrollment forms for the 14 week semesters should be turned in as early as possible during the semester prior to the semester that you wish to enroll your child. Space is usually available during interims and summer, but early enrollment is necessary  for us to schedule sufficient staff.

Forms will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Handing in enrollment forms establishes a number in the first-come, first-served pool, but does not confirm acceptance. You will be contacted by phone or letter concerning acceptance approximately one month before the start of a session.

For students, a class schedule must accompany your enrollment form, including class names, building names, room numbers, days, times and desired study time/work time. Be sure to list room numbers for labs and lounges. (Space is provided on the back of the enrollment form for schedules). Faculty/staff, a schedule of the days and times care is requested and your location during those times must accompany your enrollment form.

Financial aid - any loans, grants, scholarships, GI Bill, etc. qualify; it is not necessary for these to go through the UW Oshkosh Financial Aid Office. For financial aid other than through the University please list a phone number for us so we can call and verify.

Students receiving financial aid are given first priority in scheduling. (In order to receive money for child care expenses through the financial aid office, a separate letter must be attached to your financial aid proposal stating that you need money for child care and approximately how much you will need. The earlier you apply the better chance you will have to get financial aid).

The following deadline dates apply in order to qualify for financial aid priority:


We try to process all enrollment forms at least one month before a session begins. You will be notified of your acceptance or non-acceptance by phone or letter approximately one month before a session begins.

Children are scheduled according to the parents' class and/or work schedule and requested study time.

You are not required to pick up your child if you have free hours between classes and/or work times, but be sure to list your location during free time on your schedule or on the location sheet on the table near the computer for emergency purposes.

Children may be picked up or you may spend free time at the Children's Center if you wish.

Requests for regularly scheduled study or work time for before or after your classes can usually be accommodated. Occasionally we have a semester where we have too many children to allow for prime time, between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. study hours before or after classes.

There is no minimum number of days or hours per week -any number of hours or days may be scheduled. Regularly scheduled time, must be the same each week for the entire session.

Student parents who are student teaching, doing an internship or other field placement during the spring semester that requires them to take a spring break that does not coincide with the university spring break, may make arrangements to suspend their billing for the week they actually have off (they must make other childcare arrangements during the university spring break when we are closed). This is the only circumstance when billing suspension is allowed. The specific dates must be arranged with the director by the end of the second week of spring semester.


Schedule Changes

 After the beginning of a session, schedule changes will be accepted only.

  • During the first week of the 14 week semesters (for 14 weeks and the first 7 week classes)

During the eighth week (for the second 7 week classes)

During the first three days of week one of summer (for week 1-4)

During the first three days of week five of summer (for week 5-8)

  • During the first three days of interim.

We do our best to accommodate schedule changes at times due to drops, adds and section changes but we cannot guarantee space/time once your original times have been scheduled.

After the above schedule change deadlines; no "drop time" changes will be allowed. You are required to pay for all scheduled time whether or not your child is present at the center.

After the above schedule change deadlines; requests for 'add time' changes will be honored if space is available.

Occasional Extra Time

If you need hours beyond your regularly scheduled time for children enrolled in the Center is not considered drop-in time but is billed at regular rates. However it must be approved ahead of time. Please do not bring your child when s/he is not scheduled without prior approval. Extra time will be accommodated whenever numbers and staffing patterns permit. Please try to give us as much advanced notice as possible when requesting extra time. Your child's classroom teacher will approve extra time.

Before the beginning of a session, please notify us promptly of changes in schedules or drops so as to allow us to accommodate as many children as possible.


After the beginning of a session notification of withdrawal, from the student/staff member is required in order to curtail your billing. We will attempt to contact you after one full week of absence, however, billing will continue until we are notified of a withdrawal. 

In order to withdraw and cancel financial obligations to the Children Center, the student parent must be withdrawing from UW Oshkosh or the faculty/staff parent must be terminating employment at UW Oshkosh. Written verification of a withdrawal or termination from the applicable University department is necessary in order to process a withdrawal from the Children's Center.


Requests for drop-time changes or withdrawal due to extenuating circumstances will be handled by the Children Center Appeals Committee. If you would like to make an appeal please see the Children Center director.

Specific enrollment and financial arrangements (exact hours of usage and daily charge) are terminated and renewed with each new session - semesters, interims and summer.

Drop-In Care

Drop-in care is available to anyone having business on campus. Drop-in care costs a flat rate of $11.00 per hour, payable at the time that you drop your child off. A registration form containing emergency information must be filled out before leaving your child. Requests for drop-in care should be made with as much advanced notice as possible. Acceptance of children for drop-in care is based on daily availability of child slots and staffing at the time care is needed.

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