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Seminar Spring 2014

Schedule of student and outside speakers for the semester.

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Spring 2014

Most seminars will be presented on Fridays at 1:50 - 2:50 PM

Date Halsey Science 208
Halsey Science 309
organizational meeting
Erica Vander Mause
Proteins Involved in
Chromosome Condensation
Miguel Baldomero
Enthalpy and Entropy Computation of Two Bound Configurations
of GCSG within the Active Site of Glutathione Reductase
Elizabeth Dillinger
Investigating ORC-Independent DNA
Replication in Tetrahymena thermophilia
Jesse Klein
Agricultural Clays as a Reaction
Surface for Atmospheric Methane
Kelsey Paltzer
Energy Investigation of Binding Reactions
between Alum, Morin, and Fibers
Alex Olig
Investigation into the TRAIL Pathway of
Programmed Cellular Death
Carly Salter
Stigmatellin and Analogs:
Biological Activity and Synthesis
T. J. Krenke
Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization:
A greater polymerization process
Calli Rieder
Intrinsically Disordered Proteins
Carissa Adams
Ternary Metal Oxide Investigation for Photoelectrolysis of Water
Sam Kougias
Synthesis and Characterization of Luminescent Zinc(II)
Complexes Employing a Novel Tetrathiolate Ligand
Emmanuel Salinas Barron
Hydrogen Production using Biomimetic Nickel
Electrocatalysts with Pendant Amines
3/28 spring break no seminar meeting
Mike Thomas
Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) Sensing and Biological Effects of Nerve Agents
Matthew Lee
Chemistry of antibiotics for the treatment of Multiple Drug Resistant Tuberculosis
Nicole Sepe
Biomimetics and the Potential
Benefits of Spider Silk Analogs
Lee Kutz
Homogenous Hydrogenation of Carbon Dioxide via Organometallic Catalysts for use as Hydrogen Storage
Alissa Nuernberger
Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in the Environment: Sources, Impacts, and Treatment
Marissa Buzzanca
Substituent Effects on the Ionization Potentials of Substituted Benzene Molecules Found Using Computational Chemistry Techniques
Northeast Wisconsin ACS meeting
 7 pm, HS 175
Dr. Jeff Bryan, UW La Crosse
Casey Freiherr
VIB Transition Metal Tetracarbonyl Complexes Coordinated With Asymmetric Phenanthroline Ligands
Samuel Isham
The Organic Synthesis of the Beta-blocker Nebivolol
Hannah Schoechert
Structure and Luminescent Properties of Heteroleptic Zinc(II) Complexes Containing Asymmetric N, N-Heterocyclic Ligands
 Rilee Zeinert
Elucidating The Structure And Function Of MNTP: A Novel Manganese Export Protein In E. Coli
Bradford Richardson
An Examination of Several
Biomedically Relevant Properties and
Applications of Chitosan
Shannon Gilly
Degradation Processes of Specific Conventional Plastic Polymers
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