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Seminar Schedule Fall 2010

Schedule of student and outside speakers for the semester.

Fall 2010

Seminars will be presented in HS-457 on Fridays at 1:50 PM

Date Presenter Title
9/10/10 none organizational meeting for students
no meeting
9/24/10 Mr. Matt Mott
Career Services
10/1/10 Dr. Peter Reilly
Iowa State University
Quantum Mechanics Applied to Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions
Dr. Teshik Yoon
UW Madison
Photocatalysis with Visible Light
10/15/10 Dr. Yijun Tang
UW Oshkosh
Two-Dimensional Correlation in Electrochemistry
10/22/10 no meeting no meeting
Mr. Ed Halbisch
UW Oshkosh
Ms. Ashley Hellenbrand
UW Oshkosh
Alternative Vehicle Options: Electric, Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Photovoltaic Cells 
Dr. Jennifer Schuttlefield
UW Oshkosh
Photochemistry of Thin Film Semiconductors with Applications to Hydrogen Fuel Production and the Reduction of CO2
11/19/10 Ms. Nicole Lanser
UW Oshkosh
Nitrogen Effects on Winemaking
11/26/10 no meeting Thanks Giving Break
Ms. Jennifer Schauer
UW Oshkosh
The Positive and Negative effects of Crotoxin on the Human Body
12/10/10 Dr. Jon Carnahan
Northern Illinois University
Acousto-optic Devices as New Spectroscopic Tools
12/17/10 no meeting no meeting
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