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Seminar Schedule Fall 2011

Schedule of student and outside speakers for the semester.

Fall 2011

Seminars will be presented in HS-367 on Fridays at 1:50 - 2:50 PM

Date Presenter Title
9/9 Dr. Paulson organizational meeting
9/16 Dr. Paul Kelter
Northern Illinois University
Taking Back the Classroom as a National Imperative
9/23 Mr. Richard Marshall
UW Oshkosh Career Services
9/30 Dr. Sachin Kumar
UW Oshkosh
  Electrocatalysis at Metal Nanoparticles
10/7 Mr. Christopher Aretz
UW Oshkosh
Bisphenol A, Chemical of the 20th Century or Treat to the Youth?
10/14   no meeting
10/21 Ms. Janet Kovalaske
UW Oshkosh
The Chemistry and Biochemistry of Opioids
10/28 Mr. Lucas Esser
UW Oshkosh
Environmental and Biological Concerns of Triclosan
11/4 Mr. J. Wyatt Seagren
UW Oshkosh
Explanation and Investigation of Acrylic Polymers and their Applications
11/11 Ms. Stephanie Bell
UW Oshkosh
The Importance of Olefin Metathesis in Chemical Industry Application
11/18 Mr. Logan Osborn
UW Oshkosh
Cephalosporins and Cephamycins
12/2 Mr. Jacob Porter
UW Oshkosh
Synthesis of Stapled Peptides and Insights into their Possible Usage in the Treatment of Cancer
12/9 Ms. Amber Beigel
UW Oshkosh
Conducting Polymers: The Doping Effects on Polyacetylene
12/16 Ms. Sarah Apel
UW Oshkosh
A Biochemical Understanding of Diabetes and its Treatment with Sulfonylureas
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