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Seminar Spring 2016

Schedule of student and outside speakers for the semester.

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Spring 2016

Most seminars will be presented on Fridays at 1:50 - 2:50 PM

Date Halsey Science 270
Halsey Science 367
organizational meeting
organizational meeting

Dr. James Tobin, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
From Fond du Lac to Moscow and Back
Join the seminar in HS-270
Jacob Porter, Marquette University
Hybrid Catalysts for the Addition of Ketones and Aldehydes to Unactivated Alkynes
Join the seminar in HS-270
Richard Maki-UW Oshkosh
Formulation of Household Cleaners
Stephany Ingersoll-UW Oshkosh
CYP3A4 and Its Effects on Cyclosporine
Chas Custer-UW Oshkosh
The Toxic Effects of the Dermal Absorption of Chhromium and Precious Metal Nanoparticles
Danielle Kraak-UW Oshkosh
The Synthesis and Biochemical Effects of Clonidine
Yuqi She-UW Oshkosh
Explore Metal Oxide Combinations for Water Splitting
Joshua Hill-UW Oshkosh
Ynamide Preparation and Benzofuran Synthesis
3/25 spring break no seminar meeting
Ross Denholm-UW Oshkosh
Reactive Oxygen Species and Their Role in Bacterial Fatality
Thomas Kuborn-UW Oshkosh
Development of Synthetic Peptide Scaffolds for Diverse Applications
Griffin Budde-UW Oshkosh
Current and Future Treatment of Depression
Adam Kositzke
Biochemical Characterization of Highly Expressed Biomass-degrading enzymes from the Cellulolytic Streptomyces sp. SirexAA-E
Dr. Rebecca Smith, UW Madison
The Zip-Lignin™ Strategy:
Engineering Plant Cell Walls for Improved Digestibility
Join the seminar in HS-270
Kelly Prochaska-UW Oshkosh
Water Splitting Catalysis
Nathaniel Rocha-UW Oshkosh
Green Chemistry: The biochemical revolution
Jennifer Schmitz-UW Oshkosh
Investigating Potential Novel Manganese Exporters Controlled by Riboswitch Mechanisms in an Array of Bacterial Species
Paige Bednarz-UW Oshkosh
Quercetin and Morin Sol Gels: Modern Techniques and Wash Fastness Progression 
Garrett Madison-UW Oshkosh
Pharmacological Properties of Coumarin Compounds and the Importance of 4-Hydroxycoumarin in the Synthesis of Warfarin
Zachary Dunton-UW Oshkosh
A Structural and Functional Analysis of the Cold-Shock Protein RBM3
Kyle Dobson-UW Oshkosh
Mutagenic Potential and in vitro Metabolite Identification of Piperazine Nootropic "Smart Drugs"
Join the seminar in HS-270
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