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2013-2014 Chemistry Award winners

Chemistry Alumni Research Award:  Samuel Kougias and Adrian Landreth

Ruth Berge Scholarship for outstanding performance in Organic ChemistryDonald Kennedy

Gilbert & Katherine Pollnow Scholarship for outstanding performance in Physical Chemistry:  Brandon Brummeyer

ACS Joint Polymer Education Committee:  Thomas Kuborn

ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry:  Andrew Gassner

ACS Division of Organic Chemistry: Samuel Kougias

ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry: Samuel Kougias

Outstanding Senior Chemistry Major (sponsored by Northeast Wisconsin ACS): Carly Salter

University Scholarship Recipients

Merlin E. Silverthorn Scholarships: Claire Emmerich and Holly Post

William Haidliner Scholarship: Taylor Truttmann

Madhu Mahadeva Memorial Scholarship: Presley Neuman

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