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Central American Health Care

Robert Stenberg (Dr. Arlene Haffa)


Health care is central to many of the goals of a liberal education. It relies on mathematical and scientific accuracy, strong communication skills, compassion, and accurate record keeping. It is also a current topic of economic and social justice discussion. As part of a service learning experience, a cohort of UWO will be traveling to Central America to develop cultural awareness and to provide medical, dental and veterinary care to underserved communities. In order to ensure that this experience is of the utmost value and to provide a strong scientific component, the primary goal of this research project is to identify the organic basis and the biochemical actions of the most common pharmaceutical agents used in primary care clinics. The health care systems of Costa Rica and Nicaragua will also be compared to other health care systems including that of the United States. Across Central America, the types of health care systems vary from private to nationalized health care, but many have disparities between rural and urban areas. In particular, some of the greatest disparities are in resource management and delivery. The final component to the experience will be to develop Spanish language skills and international relationships.

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