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Enhancing the Fastness of Natural Dyes

Liem Nguyen (Dr. Jennifer Mihalick)

The extraction of natural dyes from animal and plant products, dating back to 2000 B.C., is again of interest to the chemistry community due to environmental concerns about synthetic dyes. The metal mordant-assisted binding of marigold dyes was modeled with three flavonoids including morin, baicalein and bacalin hydrate. Calorimetry was used to study the interaction between metals (Al, Fe2+, Sn2+), flavonoids and monomer solutions. The results indicated a stronger binding of Sn2+ or Fe2+ than Al3+ to morin. Color changes of the monomer solutions upon each metal interaction were observed by UV- Visible spectroscopy.  The project also investigated use of the sol-gel method to enhance the fastness of natural dyes to a variety of fabrics.

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