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Welcome to UW Oshkosh

Christie Charbonneau Wells


An artist by profession, my personal and professional life intersects in many interesting and unique ways with UW Oshkosh.  Richard’s office and my studio are in the New North region based in Oshkosh.  When talking “work” with Richard recently, I realized we both work in the “arts” in the same regional community, but that we use different raw materials.

The visual arts use a variety of materials to capture and depict representations of the world around us.

Higher education engages people and students to produce new skills, new knowledge and a steady supply of highly-educated graduates.

Viewed this way, we can say that people are the works of art that UW Oshkosh helps create.  Oshkosh students tend to come from this region and they clearly depict the hopes and aspirations of everyone from that broader community.  The University’s graduates are key leaders in every community and every sector of organization throughout the New North.

On behalf of the people of Oshkosh and Wisconsin’s New North, I bring a warm welcome.  We are proud to serve as hosts for your visit here.  In addition to those attracted to visit, to observe or participate in the important deliberative work of the Board of Regents, I know that many others will come to Oshkosh with a spirit of adventure to learn more about arts and the attractions of Oshkosh and our regional community.

The Oshkosh brand as Wisconsin’s Event City emphasizes and showcases the beauty, talent, creativity, drive, professionalism and, most importantly, the personality of the people who call Oshkosh their home.  Welcome to our community; welcome to Wisconsin’s Event City!

As a personal close, I must also add that I look forward to renewing acquaintances and making new friends.

Christie Charbonneau Wells



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