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Share your thoughts: University Personnel Systems (UPS) feedback invited

Human resources leaders worked with employees and experts from institutions throughout the University of Wisconsin System over the last several months to develop recommendations for two new, distinct University Personnel Systems (UPS). Now, the time has come to welcome feedback and direction from the thousands of employees who daily help make our Wisconsin system of higher education the highly-regarded, globally-respected system it is.

  • We invite each and every one of our 1,700 UW Oshkosh employees to review the recommendations at the UW System UPS website.

    Be sure to particularly review the draft UPS recommendations -- the UW System-institution version -- that directly applies to our UW Oshkosh employees found at the link above. Remember, it is only a first draft, and your feedback can help enhance the eventual, final policy. 

The survey will close on May 24, 2012 and a summary report will be provided to UW System on May 31, 2012.
  • Next, take a few minutes to share your feedback regarding the recommendations on the online survey UW Oshkosh has designed to collect employees’ thoughts and opinions.




Please return this document to the UW Oshkosh Office of Human Resources, 328 Dempsey Hall.

If you have specific questions on the UPS draft proposals or care to share feedback via email, direct your messages to Tim Danielson, director of human resources, at or Joel Schleis at

The UPLAN Council (composed of officers from the Faculty Senate, the Oshkosh Student Association, the Senate of Academic Staff, the Classified Staff Advisory Council and the Chancellor’s staff), is also providing input on this initiative.  Individuals may also present comments and feedback to these governance group leaders. 


Thank you for your time and your contributions to UW Oshkosh, the UW System and the state of Wisconsin.


Background Information

Wisconsin’s 2011-2013 biennial budget included a mandate for the UW System to develop two new human resource systems by July 1, 2013.  A UW System website, found at,  outlines and describes in detail various activities and developments relating to the implementation of this requirement:

While members of the UW Oshkosh community have been involved in helping to develop these materials, this survey is the first opportunity for campus input into the specific framework of the new university personnel systems.  As work continues in through the summer and next fall, there will be additional opportunities for the submission of comments, reactions and feedback.
Representatives from our campus administration and governance group organizations have been involved in the work groups referenced in Phase II – see:

This initial campus-based opportunity for review of the plans is described in Phase III of the process:

Please note that there will be additional opportunities for campus-level input.  See, for example, Phase V, that will take place early in the fall semester:

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