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Spring 2017
CETL Book Club

3:00 - 4:30 p.m.

Pollock House Living Room

Tuesday, Feb. 28

Tuesday, March 14

Tuesday, April 4

Tuesday, April 25

Image result for Paying the Price: College Costs, Financial Aid, and the Betrayal of the American Dream

In this Spring’s Book Club, we will read Dr. Sara Goldrick Rab’s Paying the Price: College Costs, Financial Aid, and the Betrayal of the American Dream. Here’s an overview of the book from the cover: “Drawing on an unprecedented study of 3,000 young adults who entered public colleges and universities in Wisconsin in 2008 with the support of federal aid and Pell Grants, Goldrick-Rab reveals the devastating effect of these shortfalls. Half the students in the study left college without a degree, while less than 20 percent finished within five years. The cause of their problems, time and again, was lack of money. Unable to afford tuition, books, and living expenses, they worked too many hours at outside jobs, dropped classes, took time off to save money, and even went without adequate food or housing. In many heartbreaking cases, they simply left school—not with a degree, but with crippling debt. Goldrick-Rab combines that shocking data with devastating stories of six individual students, whose struggles make clear the horrifying human and financial costs of our convoluted financial aid policies.”

The book has been heartily endorsed by Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. You can watch the video here:

Kirkus Reviews writes: "Bracing and well-argued, this study not only puts faces on the students who struggle to earn college degrees; it also serves as a warning that university study is rapidly becoming a privilege reserved for only the wealthy. Necessary reading for anyone concerned about the fate of American higher education."

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