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Alta Resources CEI Programs

A full schedule of events for Spring 2016 is COMING SOON!

Speaker Events
Join us at our FREE speaker events and learn from successful entrepreneurs. We've teamed up with the UW Oshkosh Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) to bring in the most exciting and inspiring entrepreneurs around. You'll leave each meeting with new knowledge and a new found hunger. 

Think Tank Sessions
So you want to be an entrepreneur... but you don't have an idea? Well, you certainly are not the only one! 
At the beginning of each academic semester, a “Think Tank” session is held that helps students come up with business ideas and solutions to problems. We spend an entire afternoon brainstorming different opportunities while being fueled by food and energy drinks to keep the brain turning. 

Elevator Pitch Contest    
Take a shot and pitch your business idea to a panel of investors. You have 90 seconds to convince the investors, and the audience, that your idea could work. If your pitch is the best, you win $1,000 to be used towards your business, plus a GUARANTEED spot in the highly competitive Business Model Contest! 

Culver's Business Model Contest    
Expand on your idea and present your Business Model concept to a panel of experienced Angel Investors. Ten total student teams will be selected to present their business model's in this incredible event. Contestants will compete with each other for $15,000, $10,000, and $7,000 in seed funding to be used toward their businesses - in addition to tons of in-kind services!

12 Week Accelerator Program
Take your idea to the next level with an intensive 12 week startup accelerator program. Up to ten total student teams will be selected to participate in this intensive program. If accepted, you'll be given up to $5,000 to be used towards your business idea, along with mentors, a startup curriculum, 1 on 1 consulting, and a group of peers to motivate you!

Student Startup Showcase (Accelerator Participants Only)
At the conclusion of the accelerator program, students have the opportunity to present their business concepts and officially graduate from the program. High level investors and community members are in attendance. View last year's event...

Summer Incubator Program
Focus exclusively on growing your business from dusk to dawn, for an entire summer! The top three teams from the 12 Week Accelerator Program will be placed in this program and given:

  • An additional $5,000 of funding to be used towards their business
  • 12 weeks of office space in Sage Hall
  • Intense 1 on 1 consulting with Alta Resources CEI staff
  • A stipend of $400 per week to be used as your "wage" as you work exclusively on your business!

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