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Wisconsin Caregiver Project Workshops Classes for 2018 have not (yet) been schduled. And, if classes are scheduled, costs may change.

DQA Memo 12-01 highlights these training materials as an alternative to meet new federal training requirements designed to enhance the skills of nurse aides in nursing homes. The memo is available online at

Continuing Education for Caregivers: Training for Trainers

This full-day workshop combines the former Topical Training for Trainers and Experiential Video Training for Trainers. Participants will receive:

  • An overview of all the training materials
  • Suggestions for matching modules with specific continuing education requirements
  • Copies of selected Facilitator guides and handouts
  • Training Tips
  • An opportunity to participate in several training activities

This workshop introduces participants to almost 30 hours of Caregiver Project training materials designed to prevent abuse and neglect, increase quality of care and meet continuing educations requirements for caregiver in long-term care.

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to training direct caregivers and other staff in their own facility.

Fee: $150.00 (A light lunch is included)

Investigating and Reporting Allegations of Misconduct (in Nursing Homes and Non-Nursing Homes)

This 4-hours class will help participants identify the key components of conducting internal investigations into allegations of abuse, neglect and misappropriation. We will develop an investigation protocol while learning about:

  • Conducting an investigation
  • Interviewing skills
  • Caregiver misconduct definitions
  • Reporting requirements for non-nursing homes and nursing homes

Fee: $120.00






















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University of Wisconsin Oshkosh CCDET

Wisconsin Department of Health Services


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