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Wisconsin Caregiver Project

Upcoming Workshops Scheduled For Spring/Summer 2016!

UW-Oshkosh CCDET will be offering a series of workshops in 2016. Available workshops include the popular “Continuing Education for Caregivers: Training for Trainers” and “Investigating & Reporting Allegations of Misconduct in Nursing Homes and Non-Nursing Homes.” These workshops are partially subsidized by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services Division of Quality Assurance (DQA).

Registration for these workshops will become available late February/March 2016. Information regarding workshops will be announced via DQA Listserv in the future. To sign up for DQA Listserv Announcements, go to:

Project Overview

UW Oshkosh CCDET collaborates with both governmental and private agencies to develop and present training information on a variety of topics. CCDET’s Caregiver Abuse and Neglect Prevention Project includes continuing education and misconduct investigation training commonly required for most healthcare providers regulated by the Wisconsin Division of Quality Assurance (DQA).

Training Materials – Classroom-style, Video and Online

This website offers printable PDF versions of the classroom-style training materials including facilitator and participant guides, PowerPoint presentations, videos and handouts at no cost to specified audiences (See below). New online courses are now being added and are available at a low cost. Go to Online Learning to review the current topic, Increasing Safety and Preventing Violence.

Permission is granted to reproduce written training materials with proper attribution for internal use within healthcare organizations or government agencies at no cost to the training participants. Other reproduction is prohibited without written permission from UW Oshkosh CCDET. All rights are reserved. For information on reproducing these materials, please contact the Director of UW Oshkosh CCDET at 920-424-3034.

Online courses are currently available to any individual for a fee.

To review, download and/or print the training materials for 15 different classroom-style topics, go to Topical Training Materials.

To learn more about the video-based experiential training material including trainer guides, go to Experiential Video Training Material.

To review, download and/or print the training materials for Investigating and Reporting Allegations of Misconduct, go to Investigation Training Materials.


Fear of Retaliation

Fear of retaliation is a reality for people who must rely on others to meet their needs. This curriculum is designed for a variety of audiences as outlined below. After completing the training:

Residents will:

  • Understand their right to voice concerns without fear of retaliation
  • Learn ways to report
  • Discover available resources

Staff will:

  • Realize the impact of behavior and communication on those in their care
  • Understand the right to be free of retaliation
  • Acknowledge the responsibility to report retaliation
  • Identify subtle actions that are retaliatory in nature
  • Understand how fear may prevent or affect the manner in which residents voice concerns

Family members/friends will:

  • Recognize the signs of retaliation
  • Learn how to effectively report concerns

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