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Experiential Abuse and Neglect Prevention Training

Rosa Rosario Scenario Overview

Rosa is a non-verbal resident of Red River Valley Facility serving people with Developmental Disabilities (FDD). Rosa uses sign language to communicate her needs and wants. She understands basic language and responds by nodding or shaking her head, pointing and sounding out her approval or disapproval. Rosa enjoys spending time with her peers and is motivated by affection and interaction. She will sometimes enter peers’ rooms and refuse to leave. When asked by staff to leave, she may get upset or refuse to move.

In this scenario, Rosa entered the room of another resident named Bill. Charles, a resident care technician, tried to redirect her away from the room. At that point, Charles pulled Rosa up by one arm and pushed her into the activity area. Rosa resisted. This was witnessed by 2 other caregivers, Phyllis and Lashanda. Rosa was examined by the nursing supervisor who noted a small red mark on her elbow and a scratch to the top of her hand. The mark appeared to be not older than 24 hours

Scenario Learning Points:

  1. Recognize signs of possible caregiver misconduct.
  2. Identify strategies for responding to challenging behaviors while treating clients and coworkers with dignity and respect.
  3. Review the value of knowing details of each resident’s plan of care.
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