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Experiential Abuse and Neglect Prevention Training

Pamela Pinkston Scenario Overview

This case occurs in Pleasant Hills Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center: a large facility with over 120 residents. Pamela Pinkston is a 51-year-old resident who is recovering from a brain injury sustained in a car accident. She has been here for two months and is receiving rehabilitative services. Pamela’s ability to move and talk has been severely reduced by the accident. Her memory is impaired and her thinking is slow. She is not competent to make her own decisions at this time. Her husband, John, has power of attorney for health care and is her health care agent. Pamela has been making steady progress, but recently her family and nursing staff have noticed a decline in her condition.Scenario Learning Points:

  1. Recognize the signs and symptoms of sexual assault.
  2. Know how and where to report sexual abuse of a resident, and how to support victims of sexual assault.
  3. Understand how to prevent sexual assault.
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