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Experiential Abuse and Neglect Prevention Training

Edna Evergreen Scenario Overview

Edna Evergreen is an 80-year-old resident of Greenhill Care who has Alzheimer’s-related dementia, as well as vision and hearing loss. She often reminisces about her family. Sometimes she will pinch and yell at caregivers. Staff must be careful about how they approach her because she can be startled by quick movements.

On one occasion Edna gets up in the middle of the night, walks down the hallway, talking about how she must find her son. Facility staff know that Edna’s son Billy was fatally injured in a car accident several years ago. She is led back to her room by Carolyn Lewis, CNA. After some time Carolyn feels that Edna is ready to go back to bed. Soon though, Edna gets up once again. Carolyn, feeling the stress of caring for other residents, leads Edna by the arm back to her bed and blocks her doorway with a recliner to prevent her from leaving the room again.

Scenario Learning Points:

  1. Identify appropriate responses to patients with dementia.
  2. Understand the benefits of freedom from restraints.
  3. Model the benefits of providing support for a coworker.

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