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Experiential Abuse and Neglect Prevention Training

Bo Butterfield Scenario Overview

Bo Butterfield Scenario OverviewBo Butterfield is a 25-year-old male resident of Sunnyfield Community-Based Residential Facility (CBRF). Bo has Cerebral Palsy and Seizure Disorder. He also has a history of verbal and physical aggression. Since moving to Sunnyfield six months ago, he has worked closely with his therapist Maria to manage his anger. Bo has developed a trusting relationship with Maria.One day, Bo is scheduled to go to the Activity Center. Bo usually likes to work on his arts and crafts at the Activity Center. On this occasion though, Bo refuses to go, saying he doesn’t feel well. CNA Ann Anderson manages to get Bo on the van to go to the center, but her tactics disregard Bo’s rights and may even be abusive. Ann’s actions are observed by two other caregivers, Bailey and Kim.After Bo tells Maria about the incident, she convinces Bo to report it to the administrator, Toua Yang. Toua informs Bo’s parents of the incident and immediately begins an investigation into possible caregiver misconduct.Scenario Learning Points:

  1. Recognize signs of possible caregiver misconduct.
  2. Review duty to report abuse by other caregivers.
  3. Recognize ways to practice effective communication with a coworker.
  4. Identify strategies for working with residents with challenging behaviors.
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