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Experiential Abuse and Neglect Prevention Training

Bill Brown Scenario Overview

This scenario focuses on Bill Brown, an 83-year-old man dying of cancer. Bill has been in extreme pain due to cancer for over a year, and he and his family have decided to stop cancer treatment. He is expected to die within the next few weeks. Bill's wife, Betty, has been providing home care for him for the past year, and Bill has been receiving hospice care for three weeks. He wants to die at home.Bill and Betty have one son and three grandchildren who live in California. They have no other close family members in Wisconsin. Bill is on morphine and other pain medications. He has begun sleeping more as the drugs, pain, and cancer take over his body. He has only brief moments of alertness, is barely eating, and is rapidly losing weight. Rashida, the hospice aide, realizes that Betty is increasingly overwhelmed with the task of caring for Bill. Betty has not been turning Bill regularly, which has resulted in increased pressure ulcers. Rashida also believes that Bill has not been getting enough pain medication.Scenario Learning Points:

  1. Recognize the signs of neglect by a caregiver
  2. Understand appropriate intervention strategies when observing
    possible misconduct by caregivers outside your agency
  3. Understand duty to report poor care or mistreatment in any
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